Board Positions

Next election: Near the end of 2019


Requirements: Must be an NDSU student; minimum 2.3 Cum. GPA

Term length: One year, no term limits



The President shall be the principal executive officer and shall have the following duties:

a.       Preside at all meetings of the organization.

b.      Call special meetings of the organization.

c.       Approve all activities coordinated by other officers and/or members.

d.      Appoint committee chairs subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

e.      Give final approval over the budget.

f.       Coordinate all of the speakers for monthly meetings

g.      Perform other duties as specified in the bylaws.


Vice President

The Vice President shall assume the duties of President in the event of absence of the President.  In addition, the Vice President shall have the following duties:

a.       Assume duties of President in case of vacancy of office.

b.      Serve as the Congress of Student Organizations (CSO) delegate.

c.      Assist in coordinating all of the speakers for monthly meetings.

d.      Plan and organize the Accounting Annual Banquet.



The Treasurer shall have the following duties:

a.       Keep all financial records for the organization.

b.      Prepare annual budget and all budget requests for funds.

c.      Prepare and submit financial reports to the members.

d.      Become familiar with the University accounting procedures and policies.

e.      Responsible for depositing any funds within one week of receipt.

f.        Shall establish required amount of fundraising required.



The Secretary shall have the following duties:

a.       Keep a record of all members of the organization.

b.      Keep a record of all activities of the organization.

c.       Keep a record of all minutes of the organization.

d.      Keep a record of all active faculty who request attendance lists.

e.      Perform other duties as assigned by the President.

f.       Maintain a file of annual budget requests and approved budgets.


Public Relations

The Public Relations/Social Media officer shall have the following duties:

a.       Notify all members of meetings, via email, poster etc.

b.      Handle all official correspondence of the organization.

c.      Prepare and file, along with the Secretary, reports required by the University, Student Government, or professional affiliation.

d.      Shall coordinate any necessary fundraising along with the Activity Coordinator.

e.      Oversee the posts of the Accounting Club Facebook page.